About me, about this site

I’m trying to be a lot of things. Honest. Good. Self-giving. I teach and write. Many artists work with their hands–make things–and that’s how words are for me. Words build, shape, brace. I come to know things by writing them. In my life, the words I read and the ones I write have created. I’m not entirely sure how this happens, but I do believe it has something to do with the nature of truth and beauty, the existence of a Living Word.

I live in Minnesota with my two children, Sören and Gwyneth. If you read any of my pieces about parenting, you’ll quickly see Sören and Gwyn alternate being ‘thunder’ and ‘blessing.’

During the academic year, I teach creative writing at a university in St. Paul. My students perplex and enthrall me nearly as often as my children, and working with them keeps me planted in the disciplines of art, but always among fresh currents.

I’ve started this site hoping to be a channel for the bits of truth and beauty I encounter. I don’t share my perspective because I believe it’s best– simply because it’s the only one I have. When the voices of others challenge me to think or feel more deeply, I’ll pass those on in trust that they might help you engage your life more deeply too. Some weeks may bring an image of beauty just to savor. You might even see the writing teacher in me show up with an occasional writing prompt that I’ve found particularly rich. If you’re not a writer, I hope you’ll take the prompt and sculpt or bake or dance or strum or chat or ruminate–whatever you do that helps you create a life of meaning.

As you read, I hope you’ll bring your questions and uncertainties, drop a line to let me know if a prompt took you somewhere, or share your perspective on the bit of life that’s floated into my vision that week.

Thanks for coming–I’m glad you’re here–


Your thoughts?

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