Published work

Triptych. Available on and at Wipf & Stock.

Ruminate blog. Regular contributor.

“Art Between: Magic & Failure in Creative Collaboration” with Heidi Kao, Emily Swanberg, and Kelsey Widman. Bethel University.

“My Colors Raised in Peace,” reading for Peaks, Plains & Valleys, Woodland Hills Church.

Some Eternal Thing Relief

“Wayfarer,” poem set to music by Dave Moulton and accompanied by visual art by Dale Johnson. Contemplative Collaborations Project. 

“Please Pass It” a poem for five voices for With Gratitude, Woodland Hills Church.

“God’s Living Room” at Artists as Image Bearers, Woodland Hills Church.

“From Tiger to Prayer” at National Poetry Month Celebration, Bethel University.

“A Date with Eternity” at One and Done, Festival of Faith and Writing.

Get Born blog Regular contributor.

“First Sunday of Advent“ at Awaiting the Light: An Advent reading. Bethel University.

Dear BF(F?) Curator

“Notes on a Maple Tree” at Homecoming Alumni Reading. Bethel University.

Taizé Ruminate Magazine

So, Babies Get Born magazine

“Your Mother” Get Born magazine

Skin Geez

40 Days Ruminate Magazine

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