getborn-logoLast month, another child arrived in our midst, and I stood again with the questions of birth. What is it in labor that women share? What do we each hold and endure ultimately alone? What does it mean to deliver a child? We know what we’re laboring for, but what are we laboring with?

Poetry and trying (again) to understand our experiences of birth in this month’s get born post.

Privilege and Pleasure

getborn-logoThere’s no question we’re privileged. So how come I have to say it? How come I have to enter the first day of each semester with statistics to convince students at a private college that they are, indeed, experiencing a privilege? How come I’ve toyed with showing my 5 year old Girl Rising to shame him into being grateful for the opportunity he has? 

How digging into privilege will help get Soren on the school bus in this month’s get born post.

Phooey, I Burned the Darn Muffins

getborn-logo “Though my childhood youth group leaders considered No Swearing one of the (many) 11th commandments, they never managed a proof text. But more essentially, when my girlfriend, who lost her mom when we were in high school, says life if f*cked up, she’s speaking the truth.”

Click for this month’s R-rated post on trying to teach my kids about (not) swearing.

In Which a Dead, Polish-American Male Mathematician-Linguist Speaks Wisdom to a Living American-American Female Mother-Writer About Her Body

getborn-logoI’m suffering insecurity and guilt, but it’s easy—easier than actually looking. Easier than actually asking—in earnest, in humbleness—if I’m being a good mother. It’s easier to feel guilty with everyone than to feel good alone. It’s easier to be unhappy with my body and belong than to, than to, I don’t even know what. Is there something else?

Alfred Korzybski brings on stream of consciousness in this month’s get born post.